2013 Seminar on the Principle of Fraternity

The interest on the theme of fraternity, intended as principle of thought and action in the public sphere, not as parental relationship or as a tie within a community, has grown greatly at the international level in the last few years as exemplified by recent numerous publications dealing with this theme.  The seminar presents an occasion to meet, and to go in depth, first of all for scholars who have already dealt with this theme.  Students and interested public can attend the works, by first registering.

Studies on fraternity:
 Studi sulla fraternità - Italiano Studies on fraternity - English Etudes sur la fraternité - Français Estudios sobre fraternidad - Español Estudos sobre a fraternidade - Português

The program’s areas of discipline are: 
  • Philosophy and cultures of fraternity.
  • Democracy and participation.   
  • Friendship, fraternity, community: concepts and practices in international relations.
  • Fraternity, science of law, justice: a relational perspective.
  • Fraternity and Constitutions.
Description of thematic areas:
Aree tematiche del seminario - approfondimento in italiano Topics - English Domaines thématiques - Français Áreas temáticas - Español Áreas temáticas - Português
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